About Us

PT. Interchem Prima Mitra is a specialty chemical raw material supplier in Indonesia, specializing in personal care and beauty industry.

Established in 2005, we are partnering with the finest and reputable international manufacturers of cosmetics raw materials.

We provide a comprehensive range of quality products of active ingredients, emulsifiers, emollients, waxes, essential oils, botanical extracts, natural oils, natural exfoliants and fibres, preservatives, rheology modifiers, pigments, pearlescents, and other functional ingredients.

We also offer various selection of semi-finished goods such as ready-to-use serums in soft gel capsules and vials, ready-to-use peel off masks and bases.

Interchem Prima Mitra is equipped with application laboratory and experienced R&D as technical support team. Moreover, our Marketing team is ready to assist with latest trends and marketing concepts to inspire your latest development projects. Our comprehensive services include developing concepts to application and formulations, troubleshooting, and prototype development.

Contact our team today for your customized requirements and consultation. We are ready to attentively listen to your needs and provide the best solutions to assist you to uniquely formulate and develop your new products.

Interchem Prima Mitra strives to be a trusted distributor, supplier and as a reliable partner who support local companies in exploring its market to the fullest potential through integrity, innovation and human resources.

We aim to build mutually beneficial and long-term relationships, and to constantly meet and exceed our customers’ expectations by continuous and planned improvements in quality service, through the implementation of ERP, CRM systems and ISO.