Our Principals


Since 1987 Lipotec has specialized in the research, design and production of innovative active ingredients for the development of novel cosmetic strategies.

Quality research, innovation and scientific rigour are Lipotec’s main values. These priorities enable us to provide the cosmetics industry with innovative cosmetic solutions while contributing to the success of our partners.

Direct access to state-of-the art technology enables Lipotec to be one of the outstanding suppliers of cosmetic active ingredients worldwide. The continual and thorough updating of the company’s know-how platforms, Molecular Cosmetics and Delivery Systems, and the heavy investment in advanced techniques such as Molecular Modelling, Functional Genomics or Biotechnology, allows Lipotec to develop active ingredients as well as new cosmetic applications in a sustainable way.

Lipotec’s rigorous integral approach connects innovation with the cosmetic industry through six product brands which provide the cosmetic industry with an unlimited range of innovative active ingredients.

From science to cosmetics
Peptides and organic molecules developed to reach, stimulate, inhibit or compete with specific targets, covering a wide range of functionalities in skin care.

Marine biotechnology for sustainable cosmetics
Novel actives ingredients achieved through biotechnological techniques while preserving the environment, since there is not harvesting or extracting from nature.

Microfluidation, a fact in cosmetics
Molecular Films which are more occlusive, minimizing transpidermal water loss (TEWL) and enhancing the release of the active ingredients into the skin.

Vectorisation, the right delivery system for the desired application
Delivery systems for a controlled release of the active ingredients, enhancing their stability and bioavailability.

Beautiful skin from the inside out
Innovative ingestible formulations for nutricosmetics; our In&Out approach proves the combination of oral and topical formulations for a greater cosmetic benefit.

From textile fibres to the skin
Delivery systems specially developed for cosmetotextiles and suitable for all types of textile fabrics.