Our Principals

AD Particles

A range of innovative cosmetic ingredients based on physical UV filters developed with an ADParticles patented technology based on a revolutionary method for the dry dispersion of nanoparticles, with properties suitable for use as UV filter in color skin care and sun care. EnhaceU is ECOCERT certified for use in formulation of ecological products.

All the range of EnhanceU products for sun care and color skin care shows great benefits:

  • Nanofree: EnhanceU filters are not considered nano-scale.
  • Skin Color: ADP Cosmetics has developed a range of products that provide sun protection and colour to your formulas, in just one ingredient.
  • Aluminium Free: EnhanceU products possess silica to prevent free radicals formation, this coating provides good photostability without being harmful to health.
  • Good Photostability: o reduce the photocatalytic activity while maintaining protection against UV radiation, coatings of various kinds as silica, alumina or stearic acid are used.
  • Compatibility with other organic filters: EnhanceU, is compatible with the usual cosmetic ingredients, giving an added value. Broad Spectrum protection: The technology used for the production of our filters allows obtaining materials with good protection against UV radiation.
  • Ecocert Certified.