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Fragonia® Oil

Fragonia® Oil


Fragonia® is a 100% pure essential oil originating in Western Australia and now grown at our farm, Buhlambar.

Of particular interest, the constituents of the oil comprise 3 main functional groups – monoterpenes, an oxide, and monoterpenols – which are in near perfect balance. It is this balance that caught the attention of Dr. Penoel, one of the world’s foremost experts on aromatherapy and essential oils.

When first experiencing this oil in 2008, Dr Penoel referred to Fragonia’s structure as having the “Golden Triangle” – the symbol of balance and harmonization.

Fragonia is the result of years of efforts by Western Australian essential oil pioneers John and Peta Day, who identified the plant Agonis fragrans as having excellent potential as the basis for a new essential oil. Following much painstaking research and field studies of this native Australian plant, the Day’s identified the variety with the most attractive aromatic properties. It is this variety that they named Fragonia and established its trademark.

They initiated propagation activities, produced the essential oil from the terminal branches, and began sharing the benefits of this plant with the world. The pleasing aroma makes it an effective substitute for those wanting to avoid Tea Tree Oil. Anecdotally, Fragonia may relieve jet lag. Traditional Chinese Medicine characterizes this oil as being balancing to both overly yin and yang conditions.



Agonis Fragrans Branch/Leaf Oil