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Gosulin® Agave

Gosulin® Agave

Gosulin® Agave is a unique sensorial film former derived in a natural and sustainable way from the nectar of the imaginative blue Agave (botanical name: Agave Tequilana).

The agave polysaccharides form a velvet network on the skin together with the oils, polyols and thickeners present in the formulation. These polysaccharides offer to the formulator an endless variety of surprising skin effects:

  •  An improved and natural alternative to silicone elastomers
  • A long lasting caring after feel - Enhanced richness of watery formulations (gels, tonics, serums)
  • A delicate softening of the skin: Immediately and long lasting
  • Improved spreadability




Maltose, Agave Tequilana Leaf Extract.